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The Base Oakleigh is already 30% sold

(The Industrialist, December 5, 2022 - original article here)

Sector Property Group unveils “The Base Oakleigh,” a hub for business, storage, and leisure options with choices of high-tech units, massive self-storage units, and modern amenities. Located just 30 minutes from the CBD and just a short walk from four of Melbourne’s most prestigious golf clubs.

Following the popularity of the Base developments in Mitcham, Ringwood, Point Cook and Preston, Sector Property Group snapped up the iconic home of 1980’s computer game maker Atari with big plans for their largest development yet, The Base Oakleigh. Their fifth project this year, Sector Property Group is planning a series of architecturally designed modern industrial units designed for comfort and versatility. With three floors and over 100 units, The Base is sticking to its successful template, offering spaces for all things work, store or play, in a highly desirable location.

Since its launch four weeks ago the Base has attracted interest across the commercial market, including from previous buyers at other Sector projects.

"The Base Oakleigh showcases our experience at reading the market and designing and developing what our buyers want. Over the past twenty years Sector Property Group has led the way in the industrial strata units. The Base Oakleigh combines our three core designs that suit both owner occupiers and investors, the storage unit, high-tech unit and larger industrial spaces," says Development Manager, Toby Dunwell.

"The flexibility in design allows buyers to customize their spaces to suit their needs. Over the years at our projects the variety of uses is awesome such as wine cellars, go-kart manufacturers, trade businesses, online distribution centres, so much is possible," adds Toby.

“Why The Base? Because I have faith in the group behind it. I’m satisfied that the quality of the product is in keeping with expectation,” John, a repeat purchaser in Oakleigh, Preston and Ringwood.

“The Base in Ringwood has been a very positive experience because of the calibre of the team that brought the product home. They delivered on what they said they would do.

I believe the availability of space to small businesses and small trades is quite sound… it just happens to fill a niche that I see in the immediate future,” he said.

Sector is proud to boast a reputation for the promise of quality commercial developments, and delivery on that promise. It’s no surprise previous buyers are interested in the upcoming release at the Oakleigh site. Previously released sites at Ringwood and Mitcham have seen buyers deeply satisfied with the quality and marketability of the developments, and with this high level of interest Sector predicts the opening to market of The Base Oakleigh to see buyers no less pleased with investment in the site.

Anticipating such a turnout, Luke Kounnas, Real Estate Agent at Hudson Bond, affirms that the industrial market is still booming! With the drastic change of many working environments, it appears people are keen to establish a new ‘normal’, one that includes getting out of the house.

Sector continues to go from strength to strength with its business model. It’s also good news for the buyers and their investments.

Click here to download a brochure with all the details on the Base Oakleigh


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